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Working with Brands: PR Pros Share How to Get on Their Radar

Replay from TECHmunch Live
5 Aug 2016

Working with Brands: PR Pros Share How to Get on Their Radar

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Did you get a chance to check out our recent free and live-streaming TECHmunch Food Blogger Summit? The two-day online conference was jam-packed with content to help you take your blog to the next level.

We are kicking off the replay with three brand PR reps sharing never before shared insights on what brands look for in working with bloggers/influencers, how much they pay and what metrics you need to get on their radar.


  • Shannon McShane @ShannonMcShane (Senior Community Manager, Murphy O’Brien Public Relations)
  • Jordana Bruner @clutch_22 (Senior Manager/Global Brand PR, Sonos)
  • Megan Ogulnick @mogulnick (Digital Manager, Golin)
  • Erik Deutsch @ErikDeutsch (Principal, ExcelPR Group)

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00:00: Introductions
6:10: How do you find influencers?
12:30: What metrics do you look for?
20:38: What happens once you find an influencer to work with?
29:18: What about working with older bloggers?

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