Since 2010 we have produced some of the most dynamic food blogger conferences around. Until recently, each TECHmunch conference had its own website, but we’re now combining them all on one site so it’s easier to see where we’re headed next. In addition, our new format will eventually enable us to offer online TECHmunch workshops, ebooks and webinars with some of our favorite experts throughout the year.


Where is TECHmunch held?

We host our food/lifestyle blogger and influencer conferences in cities across North America. Recent events have been held in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tampa and Toronto. Check out our current schedule, and let us know if you’d like us to bring TECHmunch to your city!

How much does TECHmunch cost and what does the price include? 

TECHmunch is based on the idea that you shouldn’t have to travel far and spend a fortune to attend a world-class food blogger/influencer conference. Please see individual city events for specific conference programming and ticket pricing.

Who should attend? 

Attendees at TECHmunch vary – from seasoned pros to aspiring newbies. While our content tends to lean towards the more experienced content creator, TECHmunch is also a great place to start if you’re looking to connect with top experts.

I don’t have a blog, but I post videos /photos on social media sites. Would TECHmunch be good for me?

Absolutely! Food and lifestyle content is created, published, distributed and shared in many forms these days. You’ll fit right in!

This will be my first TECHmunch – do you have advice for how I make the most out of my experience?

First of all… welcome! The best way to approach TECHmunch is to be open-minded and ready to absorb lots of useful information. 

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Join the TECHmunch discussion before the conference starts by using our hashtag (#techmunch) to connect with attendees and speakers. We may also repost and share whatever you post with the TECHmunch community
  • Review the list of speakers in advance and come up with a few questions you want to ask them face-to-face.
  • Write a blog post about what you’re most looking forward to learning/experiencing at TECHmunch (make sure to include speaker names and social media handles so they see your post and can share).
  • Make sure to bring your computer, tablet, phone or whatever you use to take notes and share your experience live online during the event. Of course we’ll have wi-fi and charging stations to keep you powered up. 

How do I apply to speak at TECHmunch? Fill out our speaker form.

I’d like to sponsor TECHmunch, where can I get more info?

Visit our Sponsor Us page. You can also call us at 1-866-538-2253 or email us at events [at] bakespace [dot] com.

I’d like to interview Babette, the conference founder & producer or the local producer before the event? Can you set that up?

Absolutely! Just send a quick request to events@bakespace.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We can also provide additional materials (including photos and videos) that may be useful.

I’m am sponsored by a brand not affiliated with the conference. Which ticket do I need to buy?

Please purchase a “brand” ticket. Our blogger tickets are subsidized by TECHmunch partners/sponsors and intended solely for those who are not otherwise subsidized to attend the conference.

Can I pass out flyers or other branded stuff at the conference?

Nope. Feel free to talk about your brand or sponsor and swap business cards with other attendees, but please do not pass out any type of marketing materials (e.g., flyers, stickers, etc.)

I’d like to host an evening party or some other event and invite attendees to come. How do I do that?

We love your spirit – however, if you’re staying at a TECHmunch hotel partner you are prohibited from hosting a branded event or “gifting suite” in your hotel room.  Many hotels have food and beverage departments through which such activities must be handled.

If you’d like to host a TECHmunch related party or other event, reach out to us in advance and we’ll be happy to explore options (and even help you promote it to our attendees).

My city would love a TECHmunch? How can I suggest bringing TECHmunch here?

We love bringing TECHmunch to new cities! If you’re connected to the local the food blogger/influencer community and you think there’s sufficient interest for a conference, definitely reach out to us.

Can I sell my course or ebook on this site?

Absolutely! Storefront coming soon! Contact us at events@bakespace.com and we’ll add your course/ebook to the site.