4 Questions with Mendocino Farms

What types of bloggers/culinary content creators are you looking forward to connecting with?
8 Oct 2015

5 Questions with Mendocino Farms

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We sat down with our TECHmunch LA lunch sponsor Mendocino Farms to find out what they are most looking forward to at TECHmunch and how bloggers can get on their radar.

What are you serving at TECHmunch? 

Check out our menu…

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With TECHmunch only days away, what are you most excited about being at the conference?

We’re so excited to be part of an event gathering the best and brightest minds in the food and lifestyle blogosphere. We’re thrilled to share our culinary passion with all the attendees, and the best part is that they’ll be sharing it in turn with other liked-minded individuals. We can’t wait to meet everyone who will be there and exchange ideas about our favorite topic – food!

What types of bloggers/culinary content creators are you looking forward to connecting with?

Everyone that cares about food as much as we do – which is likely everyone attending the conference!  We spend a lot of time curating our dynamic menu by seeking inspiration within the foodie community, coming up with unconventional twists on classic favorites, and cultivating relationships with farmers and local food artisans. We hope the many aspects of our “Eat Happy” culture resonate with all attendees who are as obsessed with good food as we are.

How do bloggers get on your radar?

We read as many food-related publications as we can get our hands on, and we’re constantly inspired by the gorgeous photography and creative writing of the food blogging community. We like to reach out directly to those content creators that we admire, and we’re also grateful when someone in the community contacts us directly.

Can you share a tip on how bloggers can get the most out of attending a food blogger conference?

Network and meet as many inspiring members of this community as you can, and absorb the advice of the bloggers and content creators that you admire so you can put their best practices to work in your own way. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions!